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1-abc.net Personal Notebook PREMIUM 1.00

With 1-abc.net Personal Notebook PREMIUM you can read and write down your notes wherever you are on your mobile device. Your notes are protected by a personal password determined by yourself and the data will be saved encrypted so nobody else but you can read it

As it is for all 1-abc.net Windows® or Android™ mobile tools to work with this program is very easy. You can easily enter anything you want into the text field. You can also use the microphone and the speach function of your Android™ mobile device. Whatever you write here it will be saved automatically when you leave this app and you will see it again when you start it later.

By pressing the 'Menu' key on your mobile device, you can select if you like to see a help file or if you like to get more information about this app. Of course you can also change your personal password from here!

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