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1-abc.net Password Organizer 1.00

1-abc.net Password Organizer allows you to organize all your passwords and login data, you only have to remember one master password. Additionally, it offers many useful functions concerning modern and secure password management, all features of 1-abc.net Password Generator and much more.

As it is for all 1-abc.net Windows® or Android™ mobile tools to work with this program is very easy. You can easily enter login and password data into the text fields. You can also use the microphone and the speach function of your Android™ mobile device. At the first start you will be asked to enter a personal master password which will be your key for the data you enter. Press 'Save Entry' when your new entry is ready to be saved, press 'Previous' or 'Next' to navigate through your entries or 'New Entry' if you like to add a new one.

By pressing the 'Menu' key on your mobile device, you can select if you like to see this help or if you like to get more information about this app. You can also change your master password or delete an entry and you can also start 1-abc.net Password Generator from here.

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